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Looking for Organizer!

Warhammer/Age of Sigmar Organizer Wanted!


The Gamers Wharf is looking for a highly motivated individual to organize promote and run Citadel gaming events.

There are Perks in the form of products and cash.

If you are interested in becoming an organizer for The Gamer's Wharf then head on down to the store and talk with Mike or Dionicio. Have a plan written out of how you would like to schedule, promote, and run the events.

We are looking for weekly events every Saturday and a larger prize structured event once every 2 months.

Wharf Weekly Schedule

Monday  - 6:00pm Star Wars X-Wing

Tuesday - 7:00pm Heroclix

Wednesday - 6:30pm Adventure League

Thursday - 6:00pm MTG: Pauper // 6:30pm Flesh and Blood: Open Play

Friday - 7:00pm Commander-Wharf Casual // Commander- Open Play

Saturday - 2:00pm Flesh and Blood: Classic Constructed (Last weekend of the month Limited Format)

Sunday - 4:00pm Pack Match Commander