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Rewards Program

Thank you for orderfing from us. As an added bounus you will earn discounts on all future ordes made thought are website. The more you spend with us the greater your discount will get. You will automaticly start at our low prices and be entered into the online rewards progam when you register with us. All sales are tracked and caculated to your account. Discounts are applied to future orders. Once you have reached the 100 mark with us you will then move into tier 1. Your next order will include the 1% discount. Each tier you move into will increase your discount.

Tier                 Scaling                    Discount

Tier 1             100 to 2,000                 1%

Tier 2        2,0001 to 4,000                 2%

Tier 3         4,001 to 8,000                  3%

Tier 4         8,001 to  12,000               4%

Tier 5       12,001 to 20,000                5%