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Folklore: The Affliction - Dark Tales Expansion

Folklore: The Affliction - Dark Tales Expansion

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  • Description

    The Folklore: The Affliction - Dark Tales Expansion is a Kickstarter Exclusive box which holds most of the unlocked stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign.

    It contains:

    6x new hero miniatures
    1x Orinthe the Blood Queen miniature
    2x Dark Dryad miniatures
    1x Stregha Witch Coven miniatures
    1x Otherian miniature
    2x The Possessed miniatures
    3x Demon Spawn miniatures
    2x Highwayman miniatures
    2x Banshee miniatures
    2x Wretched Hag miniatures
    2x Watchman miniatures
    4x Hand of Death miniatures
    1x Undertaker miniature
    1x Vicious Hound miniature
    1x Far East Alchemist miniature
    1x Valdleany miniature
    1x Galastig miniature
    1x Arch-Fiend + 3x demonic flame miniatures
    1x Bánánach miniature

    This is speculated to be in the Dark Tales box, based on the updates from the Kickstarter:
    1x Card set Powers of the Otherworld (update 3)
    1x Card set Rumors (update 6)
    10x new Elite Creature cards (update 19)
    2x map tiles 10x10 alchemists tower (update 2)
    2x map tiles 10x10 dungeon halls (update 4)
    2x map tiles (Dark Spire) (update 5)
    2x map tiles 10x10 graveyard + docks (update 19)
    2x map tiles 10x10 + 2x passageways 5x10 (update 19)
    2x map tiles - 4 locations (update 20)
    5x room tiles + 3x long hallways + 2x short hallways (update 13)
    (Total of 24 map tiles)

    Story Journal: Shadow of the Dark Spire (update 5)
    Story Journal: Castles & Manors (update 14)
    Story Journal: The Bone Isle (update 19)
    Story Book: 2 adventures (update 13)

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