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Realms Of Fantasy RPG Wizards and Warriors

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    You are about to take your first step into the Realms of Fantasy, a medieval role-playing game set in the aftermath of an apocalypse whereby ancient wizards corrupted with magic and science brought the world to ruin.  Pieces of their corruption still linger, the embers of their dark fire still smolder, lurking in all the deeps of the forgotten past seeking to be found. Amid this corrosion, the fate of heroes seeking to rebuild the realm in a lasting more benevolent world is weighed against those opening the way for corruption to crawl back into the world again...

    Realms of Fantasy RPG Sourcebook I: Wizards & Warriors is the first initiation into the Realms of Fantasy campaign, a game world that employs memorable dice formulas to resolve actions and move players and game masters "off-book" with ease.  The Realms of Fantasy RPG and campaign eschews experience points in favor of goal achievement for leveling up.  Game formulas also include monster creation, allowing game masters to create their own monstrous adversaries to suit their particular campaigns.

    The sourcebook fully outlines the RPG rules in 50 concise and precise pages leaving a large canvas for players and game masters to customize the game to their perspectives.  Sourcebooks can also be used to supplement other roleplaying games.  Look for the forthcoming Sourcebook II: Monsters & Magic and Sourcebook III: Caverns & Campaigns to complete the Realms of Fantasy campaign world.

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    Publisher: Mythopoedia Games