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Guilds of Ravnica 7pm sat pre release event

Guilds of Ravnica 7pm sat pre release event

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     Pr-regersted attendies will get there choice of guilds first.

    Guilds of Ravnica pre release event on Saturday the 29th at 1pm and 7pm. Sunday the 30th, at 2pm.

    Space is limited to 36 per each event. Pre register on our web site at or in the store to reserve your spot and save 5 dollars off the day of registration. Entry fee is $25 pre reg,and $30 the day of the event.
    The events kick off at 1pm for the afternoon pre release and 7pm for the evening pre release. Get there early to sign up and get your kits so theres not a line at to sign in when the event starts.

    Each player will receive 1, prerelease kit to construct their deck with. Format is limited sealed. There will be 4 rounds of swiss play with a cut to top 8 depending on the number of players remaining. Prizes to the top players in the form of pre release booster packs.

    Pre registration can be done on our Website thegamerswharf.com or in the store. To register on our site, choose in store pickup as the shipping option. Michigan residents only.